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Sunshine Hotel & Residences should’ve been called Starlight Hotel or Neon Hotel or something like this, because it is situated right in the middle of Pattaya’s nightlife. On one hand, you’re just one step from the beach, several night clubs, a plenty of bars and Central Festival, close to Soi 8. On the other, you won’t have a good sleep anyway: it’s just too noisy around there.

The hotel itself looks very hospitable and cozy. You literally feel at home, when you enter the lobby of Sunshine Hotel & Residences. Its suites are spacious and light; several pools (including the one on the top of the building) are clean, and comfortable. Besides, the prices are incredibly attractive here: standard suite will cost you $35 per night, while Deluxe suite is below $50 per night. Breakfast costs around $5 additionally to the room price, but there is no reason to order it: you can eat cheaper and better in one of the local cafes. The restaurant has a nice choice of dishes both from traditional Asian and modern European cuisines, and it’s not very expensive, just in case you don’t want to go out.

The hotel has a very friendly policy regarding guests and their visitors. You can easily pass the security with a local girl you may have hooked up on a music festival, even if you’re drunk and barely stand on your feet. The room cleaning service is quite convenient; they never disturb you if you hang the DND sign on your door. The summary is, Sunshine Hotel & Residences is a perfect place for those, who want to live the nightlife in Pattaya, and don’t have much money to spend on apartments.

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  • Points - 8.5/10
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2 thoughts on “Sunshine Hotel & Residences 3

  1. Sunshine hotel cheap and girl friendly

    Sunshine hotel is mainly intended for the young guys who pay little attention to the accommodation. Even though the place has two pools, very nice restaurant and friendly personnel, this is not a good choice for families with children. The night life is slipping through every crack and hole inside the hotel. The loud partying prevails in this place and around it. The slant-eyed females with obvious hunger for tourists hunt you down for sensual experience. You can easily invite them to your room without attracting attention from security. They know what you are here for and totally abide guest-friendly atmosphere.

  2. Sunshine Pattaya low cost and no joiner fee

    All hail Sunshine hotel residence. Nowhere you will meet such a democratic and friendly attitude towards the guests you can bring during your stay at the hotel. It is really hard to resist the temptation when there is loud neon world of music, drinks, dancing and super tasty females with oriental way of treating their lovers. No one bats an eye when you come in the hotel with two or three gorgeous women and treat them like princesses in your wide comfortable bed. This is what I have experienced this autumn and what I will definitely repeat next year. Pattaya – wait for me!

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