Sabai Lodge Hotel 3.5

When you stay in Sabai Lodge Hotel, your day starts from a walk on Pattaya 2nd Alley, just 500 yards from the sea of the Pattaya Gulf. It is close to the heart of Pattaya’s nightlife, and it can be rather annoying sometimes — too noisy at night. However, if you have come to Thailand for adventures, it’s the best place to start from. Very affordable prices (as low as $25 for a standard suite, though it is very small, but the bed is fine for two), nice outdoor pool and good location are the unquestionable pluses of this hotel. However, demanding guests may find it a bit too weary: the hotel is very old and apparently needs refurbishing. The rooms are small and not very cozy: sometimes you can smell mold, especially in the combined bathroom. Local girls, though, don’t really care about such things; your wife probably does. Thus, it is obvious that this hotel is not very comfortable for family trips.

The hotel claims to have 3.5 stars, but its current rating should be lowered for sure. Its staff is not always friendly (they look tired just too often), the hotel makes an impression of an old one, and the air conditioning in suites is poor. Breakfast is surprisingly expensive (but worth it!). In general, most people choose the Sabai Lodge Hotel for the second time and further, because you can accommodate to the small rooms and rather shabby interior, but the price and location are very attractive. At the same time, the hotel staff has very liberal policy regarding visitors, so you can really enjoy your stay along with a local girl (or two! or even not a girl!).

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  • Points - 8.6/10
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2 thoughts on “Sabai Lodge Hotel 3.5

  1. Sabai lodge good for nightlife

    Sabai lodge hotel is really affordable place. If you are not looking for the big comfort, but you are looking for sex adventures, this place Is for you. Not too shabby, super cheap hotel with fine beds which can easily accommodate the horny pair. This is surely not the place where you want to spend time with your family or wife. This is extremely nice location for the unstoppable fuck fest. All the local cuties know Sabai hotel perfectly well and it is an easy thing to find and bring sexy guest to your room without security stopping you and asking for an ID. Totally no joiner fee hotel!

  2. Sabai Lodge joiner fee

    The Sabai hotel staff barely speaks English, but it is really a small nuisance comparing to what you’ve got in the end. Quite place, not expensive at all with broad bed in the room and separate swimming pool for the like of me, who prefer the company of sweet love hearts from the local bars. No one ever tells you anything about bringing the new guests to the hotel territory. You just keep walking towards your room and get everything possible from your vacation. The local girls and unforgettable night life is making up for it!

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