LK The Empress 4

LK The Empress is an affordable 4-star hotel, not very large, but with a perfect location: it’s situated right near the ocean, on the Beach Road, and you can enjoy the view of the sea from your suite. It has surprisingly low prices for its class: just 65-75 bucks for a Deluxe suite; if you want to have a room with the sea view, you’ll have to add around $10. The LK hotel is relatively old, but it is kept in cleanness and its staff is well trained. You won’t have to wait for too long to get checked-in or checked-out, as a rule. As well, they make every effort to comfort their guests.

The set of conveniences in this hotel is rather large: several pools, including the relatively large outdoor pool and small pool for kids, restaurant and coffee shop, plus a room service available 24/7. Wi-Fi is fine and is accessible from everywhere, from your suite to the outdoor pool and restaurant. Gym is large and well-equipped. However, air conditioning is not always functioning properly: it’s often too hot to exercise.

Most important is the possibility to have visitors without a need to pay extra. From my experience, you may be asked to provide the ID, to visit the guests in this hotel, but it’s not a problem usually. You can bring a girl to your suite anytime, even in the middle of the night; if you don’t need an extra bed (which is unlikely), you won’t have to discuss anything with the staff. They don’t show any unnecessary curiosity regarding your personal life.

Booking Online from $55/night

  • Points - 9/10
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  1. LK The Empress 4 no joiner fee

    I did not care about the proximity to the beach or the service quality of this place. LK the Empress has it all, by the way. The thing I was interested in this autumn 2016 is whether it is easy to sneak your partner inside the hotel and have a nice time in your room. Actually, the guard and receptionist pay no attention to whom you bring in your place and not always ask for guest’s ID which is really nice. I spent the whole week banging cute chicks from the local bars and will never regret it. Check this hotel, give it a chance and you will definitely be glad with experience you get.

  2. Bring girls to LK The Empress

    What I ready admire about this place is their confidentiality and easy-goingness about everything what is connected with the guests. And you know what it means. You can bring any girl you want, any transsexual to have fun and forget about everything. This place is the closer place to heaven than anything else. I know a bunch of other guest-friendly hotels, and this one seems to get special corner in my heart. No-joiner fee is an awesome policy and the hotel’s staff is more than just understanding and polite. Empress hotel simply beckons me.

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