LK Renaissance Hotel 3.5

LK Renaissance Hotel is a relatively affordable three and a half star hotel in the heart of Pattaya’s night and business life, with excessively comfortable services for its price. Spacious Studio suite will cost you around 45 dollars per night, while for 65 bucks you can rent a wonderful two-room suite with a bedroom and a Jacuzzi. The hotel would definitely feel like the 4-star one, if only the staff was a bit more attentive and helpful. In my case, the check-in was delayed for no apparent reason, and I didn’t get much help from the receptionist. Anyway, it is one of the best places I have visited during my trip to Thailand, and its guest policy fits my needs perfectly.

Set of services in the hotel is wide and satisfying: you have a restaurant inside, and several other cafes and restaurants very close to the hotel building. Outdoor pool has a very attractive design and funny fountains, it is large and clean, good for resting and bathing, but too short for serious swimming, of course. Hotel lobby offers convenient chairs and tables, perfect for negotiations and resting (it’s relatively quiet in there). I’ve had a problem with Wi-Fi speed in public areas, while in my room it was perfectly quick.

As always, I pay most attention to their guest policies and their attitude to visitors. I have taken a girl into my room twice, the same one. The security staff has seemed to recognized the girl (or me?) by the second time that she’s accompanied me, and didn’t even ask her for ID. Nobody asked me for any extra cash for having such visitors, which is very convenient. I also had a very good time along with the girl in the bathtub in my suite 😉

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  • Points - 8.2/10
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2 thoughts on “LK Renaissance Hotel 3.5

  1. LK Renaissance and girls

    What makes LK Renaissance special is its attitude towards newcomers and guests. Everything else, whether it is small pool or if you like the food or not, can be put aside due to the fact that you can except visitors any time you want and in any number. Jacuzzi is a big plus. Kudos to this place! What an awesome suite I had. The girls were glad to see the place where they can have fun with their companion. I had a thought that I’d gone to sensual paradise where all my sexual dreams came true. The hotel is worth the cost.

  2. LK Renaissance good for boom boom )

    I have been many places and lived in many hotels and I would say that LK Renaissance is one of the best of its kind so far. Pattaya is one of the places you want to get back again and again, and this hotel has it all to get on top of my personal list of hot spots around the globe. Nice surroundings, beautiful beach, cheap food and reasonable price for a good-looking apartment, which you can visit any time you want with any girl which you find perfect enough for a one night stand. Be sure that your guest shows ID while getting admitted to the premises. Even if a visitor is forbidden the entrance, you can always find another way to get in the room and have an unforgettable bed shaking activity.

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