LK Metropole Hotel 3.5

LK Metropole Hotel is situated in approximately 1300 yards from the sea of Pattaya Gulf, and its tall building is full of balconies, which is its distinctive feature. Suites here are rather spacy; many have their own kitchen and balcony, while the prices are surprisingly low. I’ve paid around $50 for a Superior suite with balcony (without buffet), and got a mini-bar inside as a pleasant surprise, with a large bed and the monumental furniture. From the 6th floor I was viewing the city, but I couldn’t see the ocean, unfortunately. The staff on reception was not too friendly, but at least the check-in didn’t take much time.

The overall impression from the LK Metropole Hotel is that it totally worth its money. When you stay there, you feel like you’re close to the center of nightlife in Pattaya, though there are too many Russians around you (and not all of them are friendly or polite). On the other hand, it’s a rather quiet place, and you can comfortably sleep at night. The hotel doesn’t offer very impressive food / drink opportunities, with just one restaurant and a café inside. However, many suites have helpful mini bars with some local beverages. The pool seems to be too small, for the number of tourists willing to swim. The gym is poorly equipped, so I preferred going to sauna and SPA (not very expensive, too).

What is most important, there are too many guests there for staff to control your visitors. Of course, they notice if you bring a girl with you, but don’t pay much attention to it. I brought a girl to my suite and we spent a fine few hours together; I haven’t had to escort her back, she just left on her own. Definitely, you won’t have any problems with that in LK Metropole Hotel, unless you want to organize an orgy in your suite and need some extra beds 😉

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  • Points - 8.7/10
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2 thoughts on “LK Metropole Hotel 3.5

  1. LK Metropole no joiner fee hotel

    You wouldn’t find a better place for the rich sex adventures which you will never forget. This place has everything you need. The rooms are ridiculously big and the beds are soft and broad. You have enough space for your nightly or, if you prefer it, daily experimentations with sultry babes from the bars and discos which are numerous around this place. The hotel’s building is in the heart of the city and you doesn’t need to look far for a new flirtatious acquaintance. You can easily bring one of them to your room without anyone complaining. Hotel’s policy about the newcomers is not that strict, unless you are planning to destroy the place with the biggest sex adventure on your mind.

  2. Good place for stay

    If you are ok with the fact that LK Metropole has small pool and 10 minutes walk towards the beach, then this is place is of utmost comfort for you. The main thing is that there is tolerant guest policy and you can visit your room with anyone you want. The cute babes around the place know what you need, and there won’t be any problem in finding the suitable companion for the unforgettable night. The hotel’s employees are loyal to their clients and will never disturb you until you are in the room with someone. Pretty awesome, isn’t it?

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