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 A case when the name of the hotel speaks for itself. Intimate Hotel is situated in the Pattaya 12 Alley, leading straight to the sea beach. It’s less than 300 yards to the sea, and it feels great, especially in the evening. You shouldn’t expect a picturesque view from your suite, though: the building is not very high, while it is surrounded by many higher buildings. There are just 82 rooms in this hotel, and it really feels very cozy, especially in the roof, where you can rest on a couch and drink, with a pool by your side. They often throw parties at the roof, where you can wear mask and come with a girl. Perfect romance! The other alluring thing here is the prices: Deluxe suite costs around $50-60, while an Executive suite won’t be more than $120.

The Intimate Hotel has several significant shopping malls near it, as well as a plenty of small cafes and bars. They have a couple of swimming pools, including the outdoor one and one on the roof. Daily housekeeping may become a bit annoying; they have a bad habit to keep knocking on your door, even if you put a Do Not Disturb sign on it. They have a standard set of restaurants / bars, fitness and sauna, but not very wide choice of recreational procedures or services. The most important thing that you have to understand about the Intimate Hotel, is that it is not intended for families. They have almost nothing to offer for the kids, and the staff is not always friendly. On the other hand, you definitely get what you come for: they completely ignore any girls you may invite to your room; you can even get a local girl with you at their parties (or even meet a single local girl there!). That pretty much makes Intimate Hotel one of the best places for a sex tourist in Pattaya.

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  1. Intimate Hotel girl friendly

    The name speaks for itself. There is no need to explain why this place is great and needs you attention as a love seeking tourist. Situated in the center of the night life and almost next to the beach, Intimate hotel can attract your attention with their guest-friendly policy. They ask for no joiner fee and they do not honestly care who do you bring unless you cause trouble. Me and the cute local girl were moaning all the night and no one asked us to be quite. Moreover, somebody moaned in the neighboring room loud enough. A really nice place!

  2. Intimate Hotel review

    This place is ideal for the one night encounter with the Thai princesses of love. You can easily pick up a girl on the local parties and bring it to your room in the Intimate hotel. This place practices no joiner fee, making it one of the best guest-friendly hotels in Pattaya. You can bang with whoever you want all over the place and it would bother nothing. The one thing that can be rather annoying is that the cleaning staff can enter your room without notification and you could be in a very tricky situation if you are not along. Just do not forget to close your room safely.

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