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Are you planning to travel to Pattaya? This city is located around 2-hour drive away from Bangkok, and it’s one of the most famous nightlife places in Thailand. That’s why many tourists choose it as their traveling destination. Basically, Pattaya is one of the most visited tourist destinations in this country, because it’s chosen by literally millions of travelers on a yearly basis.

It’s hard to deny that all of those tourists who choose this city for their next vacation come here to have a lot of fun, and there are endless attractions to try. Just think about a number of discos, bars and other incredible nightlife venues because they are definitely worth your attention.

Where to Stay During Your Trip

You can find many hotels in Pattaya when looking for a suitable place to stay. There are different criteria that should be considered when making your final choice, but keep in mind that most travelers prefer guest friendly hotels as their perfect accommodation.

For first-time visitors, they often overlook this aspect when booking their hotels. It’s advisable to take into consideration not only the right location of your hotel, but you also need to do your research to find out whether it’s guest friendly. What does it mean?

It’s all about a permission given by Pattaya hotels to bring guests to your room, and you should look for the one that doesn’t charge any fee. Your basic target is to find decent and comfy no joiner fee hotels to avoid spending any money at all.Pattaya bar girls

Besides, you shouldn’t overlook an important safety aspect when looking for a good accommodation in Pattaya. You should understand that bringing guests for free is one thing, but you definitely don’t want to end up with such problems as being robbed. That’s why guest-friendly hotels usually protect their customers by taking the ID of their guests and hand this document back once they reassure that the well-being and safety of their clients are 100% guaranteed.  

Before making your final decision, you should create a list of the most suitable options to ensure that they have a set of significant features in common, such as the following:

  • Being guest-friendly.
  • Having an excellent location, which means that hotels should be located within a walking distance of the best nightlife venues in this famous city.
  • Giving you a confirmation that there is no joiner fee and other hidden costs.
  • Having excellent customer ratings.

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Here is a list of my favorites guest friendly hotels in Pattaya:

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