Grand Sukhumvit Hotel Bangkok 5

Grand Sukhumvit Hotel Bangkok has five stars, but it looks and feels rather dated for a first-class hotel. Their furniture and design are shabby, they still have these old TV in the rooms, and at the same time the prices are rather high. You can pay around $90 for a room with a large bed, enough for two per night. The staff is well-educated and friendly, you can ask them any questions, and they won’t ever ask you any confusing or embarrassing questions in their turn. Their security has actually offered me a girl for like three times over two days :D. The hotel is conveniently situated near the subway station and in the middle of the tourist center of Bangkok, so you’ll always have where to go for a dinner or sightseeing.

The inside services of the Grand Sukhumvit Hotel Bangkok are also rather complete. They have several pools, including the outdoor pool decorated in traditional Thai style, and even a small pool for kids. Fitness center with a gym and a sauna can help you get away from it all, and if you’re hungry, there are several restaurants, including the halal restaurant, and a 24/7 room service. There is daily housekeeping service, but if you do not want anyone to disturb you, it’s possible to put the sign on your door’s handle.

If you’re planning to have guests (like I usually do), you’ll have no problem with that in Grand Sukhumvit Hotel Bangkok. They are quite understanding, and if you’re eager to bring a girl to your room, they definitely won’t have any questions. I can’t say that this hotel is perfect for such kind of things (I personally find it too expensive), but you can enjoy such kind of tourism here conveniently.

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