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Grand Hotel Pattaya is a small 9-floor building in the middle of the Walking Street, near the Pattaya Bay. It doesn’t have any outside territory where you can walk or rest, neither it offers outside or inside pools, gyms, SPA or sauna. This is a simple place to stay for a night or rest in the middle of the day, when you are tired of walking or partying. The prices, though are rather high: from 30-40 dollars for a room for two (Deluxe or Superior suites) to nearly 80 dollars for a Family suite with two beds.

The set of services, offered within this 3-star hotel is quite small. They do not have any recreational zone, there is only one restaurant (below the average food and highly priced), and no yard. It isn’t a place to stay if you have come for comfort. The rooms are rather large, but the view is not anywhere impressive: you just see the night city at best. Check-in takes some additional time because the staff is not very quick and helpful. They could have hired more polite and cheerful people and schooled them better. The comfort is below the average, mostly because of lack of services.

Grand Hotel Pattaya, despite its name, is a very average place, but in some way it is the advantage. Though there are only 80-100 rooms in this hotel, you can easily pass the guards with a visitor, and nobody really pays attention to you. Staff is rather ignorant, and it’s a plus in case you intend to take a girl to your room. They do not charge you any additional money for having visitors in your room; neither do they disturb you, when you explicitly ask them not to, putting the DND sign on your door.

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  1. Grand Hotel Pattaya joiner fee

    There is certainly nothing grand about small building Grand hotel Pattaya which is situated almost in the center of the Pattaya city. Most tourist attractions are near you and the places with the gorgeous Asian chicks are within hand’s grasp. Every day I brought a new girl and the guardsmen didn’t even ask for ID of my companions. I guess nobody really care about what you are doing in your room until you do something really nasty – orgy with several dirty females, I guess. The prices are rather high than average, but you have to pay for this extra visitor-friendly approach of this hotel.

  2. Grand Hotel Pattaya feedback

    If you come to Pattaya to have fun and get taste of the crazy night life of the world’s most attractive tourist destinations – it is really not important to have all the comforts at hand. Grand hotel Pattya is one of those destinations with minimalistic approach to accommodation. The hotel has no territory or the sources for additional activity (gym, pool and so on), but it has low percentage of tourist, living in the hotel. It is quiet place, unless you make it otherwise. This is guest friendly hotel and you do not have to pay fees for inviting anyone. You can have as much fun as possible with local Thai beauties. The security just closes eyes on such activity.

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