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Flipper Lodge is a fine hotel to stay for party animals and other individuals that do not care much about smokers all around you, loud noisy street under your windows in 1 a.m. and not very new furniture / equipment of the hotel. For me it was a fine experience staying here and inviting some girls into my room, but this hotel is not intended for family traveling, for sure. Its location is close to the Central Festival Pattaya, and it’s always noisy around there, especially during the high season. Hotel itself was built in 1990, and got renewed in 2006; though, some part of it is still looking very shabby. The rooms are in general rather spacious and comfortable, though the air is too humid and sometimes you can smell mold.

The outdoor pool is very fine, large and with a good view from it. There is a bar by the pool, which a good choice of drinks. The rooms are averagely priced for a three-star hotel: from 25 to 30 dollars, plus 15-20% tax. It takes nearly two hours to get there from the airport, if you’re lucky or ordered a transfer before. The hotel is near the main sights and popular tourists places of Pattaya, so you will feel comfortable visiting these and returning to your room. I have to admit the politeness and friendliness of the staff, which seems to be perfectly well trained.

One of the consequences of such friendliness and good education, is that you can ask some guys from the staff (particularly the security) about the girls. They know all the best places where you can find good (and bad, if you’re willing) girls, healthy, friendly, and inexpensive. Of course, you won’t have any problems taking the girl to your suite, unless you drink too much, or she won’t have an ID (if you don’t use help from the staff in finding one). Flipper Lodge has quite a friendly policy regarding visitors.

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  1. Flipper Lodge review

    Flipper lodge is the perfect choice if you are not afraid of the constant partying, chain smoking females and the closeness to the most commonly visited by the tourist places in the whole city of Pattaya. The good thing is if you are new here and do not know where to go and find the perfect model for your orgasmic evenings, friendly local people and even the hotel employees will help you finding the perfect spot where all the cuties are hanging around. There won’t be any problem admitting the hot girls inside the hotel and no additional fees would be asked of you. Those people know its clients and are totally happy to see you with someone else.

  2. My Flipper Lodge girl friendly hotel review

    Want to have wild orgasmic parties on the edge of the world with exotic babes and transsexuals alike? Flipper lodge is affordable place with fine food which will immensely please you and your partners. The loyal service, friendly hotel employees and spacious rooms with comfortable bed – those things makes this a near perfect experience. I really like that receptionist quickly became my friend and gave me valuable advices about the best girls in Pattaya and other interesting things to experiment with. Thank you all for the majestic experience.

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