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If you judge the hotels by the number of stars, Eastiny Inn is a perfect place to change your attitude. Having just 3 stars, this inn has very low prices (as low as $20 for a Deluxe suite!), and at the same time it offers you very spacious, comfortable and well-equipped rooms. The building is painted in yellow and looks very happy and hospitable. It’s rather high, 7 or 8 floors, and the upper balconies offer a great sea view. The hotel is situated near the sea, it takes not more than 5 minutes to reach the beach.

Of course, the staff is not flawlessly trained and educated, but you can expect a friendly and attentive attitude to you. They keep the rooms clean, help you with the questions and do not waste your time during check-in and check-out procedures. The hotel may look a bit old and shabby, but it doesn’t affect the comfort. One of the best feature of this place is a very democratic atmosphere; if you prefer luxury and exclusiveness, it’s probably not the best place to stay. Otherwise, you’ll find many friendly and talkative tourists, average age is below 35 years old. The hotel is close to the nightlife center of Pattaya, which means that it’s a bit noisy, particularly at night. Unfortunately, Eastiny Inn doesn’t provide according soundproofing in its suites.

As I have discovered (expectedly), Eastiny Inn is one of the cheapest hotels to stay in Pattaya, and its location is perfect: close to the beach and not far from the nightlife stream. It’s highly recommended for lone travelers, groups of young people, and those who have come for partying or sex tourism. Guest-friendly policies allow having visitors at any time, without any extra payments. This looks like a perfect place for guys like me; a plenty of hot local girls around, almost as many attractive young tourists, and no excessive control or attention from the side of security staff.

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  1. Eastiny Inn no joiner fee rooms

    Eastiny Inn is one of the cheapest places and it is located 5 minutes of walking distance to the beach. There are numerous local bars and cafes where you can hang out, get drunk, meet new people and find super hot slender Thai girls who wouldn’t mind spending some time with the handsome tourist. This was sheer heaven. There was no shortage of beautiful chicks around the hotel and I kept bringing them with me to my room, and nearly no one asked what we were going to do together. I guess the staff had heard enough. Anyway, cheap prices and the proximity to the coolest partying points makes Eastiny Inn the one of the best offers on the other side of the globe.

  2. Eastiny Inn girl frienedly rooms

    Eastiny Inn is for the people who are not afraid of loud places, drunk crowds and beautiful girls who always hang out around the nearby bars and discos and around the hotel itself. It is always a pleasure to invite the hottest girl of the dance floor into you room and learn how good she is in your broad bed. The hotel officials are not against such intimate encounters within the hotel rooms. They are very polite and understanding. What else can you do in Pattaya, but grab cute babe and bring her to the room and make all the possible and impossible things! Use the chance to live the dream for low prices.

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