Baraquda Pattaya – MGallery By Sofitel 5

 Baraquda Pattaya, which full title is BARAQUDA PATTAYA – MGALLERY BY SOFITEL, is a famous 5-star hotel on the shore of the Pattaya Bay, and this outstanding hotel offers one of the most exciting views from its outdoor lounge — the sunset over ocean. It is relatively cheap: the King Bed Deluxe suit will cost you less than $100, while spacious Superior suites may sell at $150 and more per night. Apart from the perfect location, Baraquda Pattaya offers a very attractive design, new and luxurious furniture and equipment of its rooms, and at the same time, it is a relatively small hotel: just ~70 rooms. Free Wi-Fi offers nice speed and is available everywhere on the hotel territory, including the suites.

Set of services is very impressive: the hotel definitely matches its 5-star rating. There are several pools, indoor and outdoor, including a pool for kids and a hot tub. There are affordable SPA and massage services, free gym with fine equipment and air conditioning, and a plenty of wonderful eateries, including the BBQ facilities in the yard, several restaurants and a poolside bar. You can rent a car or a bike in Baraquda Pattaya, and the staff here is very friendly and understanding.

At the same time, Baraquda Pattaya wasn’t very suitable for my intentions. The security here seems to be too attentive and rigorous. They carefully check all the visitors (though you don’t have to pay extra), and sometimes they refuse to let your visitors inside, particularly if they have any doubts regarding the ID or other documents. I wouldn’t recommend this hotel for the particular type of tourists; for leisure or business tourists, however, it is perfect.

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  • Points - 8/10
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3 thoughts on “Baraquda Pattaya – MGallery By Sofitel 5

  1. good

    I saw they’ve rebranded the Dusit 2 on 2nd road as Baraquda and it’s now an M Gallery place. Seeing as I’m a points whore for Accor hotels I may be able to swing an upgrade there so it’s definitely on my radar. Anyone been either for a stay or a meal or anything?

    Only looking to be in town for 3 nights over Xmas at most and it’s been years since I’ve done any hotel stays in Pattaya as I’m normally looking at long stay apartments. After the taxi dramas trying to get to the Hilton for the xmas meal from Jomtien last time I want somewhere central and I don’t mind blowing a bit of cash considering I’ll only be there for a few nights – any other suggestions?

  2. Baraquda Pattaya no joiner fee

    This hotel is the best since I’ve been here back in 2014. The hotel changed name and now does not associate itself with Dusit anymore and this have not influence the quality of services at all. It was and it is one of the best guest friendly places in Pattaya. I will never forget the autumn of 2016 when I invited two hot girls in my room and the receptionist asked no joiner fee. This is what most of the people are looking for when they plan to have a fun with the night life of Pattaya. Pleasing services and friendly staff is what makes this place awesome!

  3. MGallery and girls

    If you want to be in the center of the night life, Baraquda suits you the best possible way, especially if you are visiting Pattaya for specific occasions, if you know what I mean here. The place is clean and neat and the breakfast is more than just tasty. You can walk easily down the beach. It is 5-10 minutes walking distance. The bars and discos nearby are the sweetest thing about the hotels proximity to the center of the city. You can easily bring a girl or two to your room without paying joiner fee. This is totally guest friendly venue.

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