Areca Lodge Hotel 3.5

Areca Lodge Hotel is a fine place to stay in Pattaya. It’s not very far from the ocean (just 500-600 yards) and is even closer to the nightlife epicenter in Pattaya. The 5-floor building is standing between two outdoor pools, large and clean, and has a good territory with several bars, a garden and a fitness center. The hall and the suites look rather luxurious and new, unlike in many other Pattaya hotels, built years ago and already rather shabby. Several restaurants in Areca Lodge offer very tasty and cheap food, many seafood dishes, so there are often many guests dining. You can meet people from Germany, Russia, France and a lot of Asian tourists in this hotel.

One of the best thing in Areca Lodge Hotel is its outdoor pools, which are large, clean, and have perfect water temperature for a hot day. Several bars serve European and American beverages and alcohol, various Asian and Latin American wines, and a plenty of local drinks. The alcohol though is rather expensive, unless you have AI+ buffet. Gym and fitness are average: too hot for intense exercises, but fine for a little workout, particularly for older people. There are many tourists who come to Areca Lodge Hotel with their families, so the atmosphere here is calm and friendly.

At the same time, many guests here have visitors during their stay, often at night. The hotel staff is used to such cases, and some of the security guys can offer you a local girl in several languages. I have brought a cute Thai lady with me in the evening, and she has only left in the morning, it didn’t surprise anyone. The only thing the security implies is checking your visitor’s ID and writing down her / his name and time of visit, which is a common practice.

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3 thoughts on “Areca Lodge Hotel 3.5

  1. Frankie

    I have stayed at the Areca Lodge quite a lot. Had a 3 some and never paid extra for the third lady. I once was staying in the Areca block, took a bird back and she had no ID card so they refused her. Just went outside and drifted back in through the Corona entrance. Up the right side steps past the pool and into the lift. Have a nice days.

  2. Areca Lodge and bring girls

    The richest and strongest memories of my life are linked to Areca Lodge hotel. Believe me, this place is worth your money. The golden beach is in the walking distance and all the fun places are in the vicinity. The hotel’s staff are so friendly, that they can even advise you the place where you can find good girls to spend the night with. I managed to smuggle two sweet chicks and super hot transsexual and the things were never the same for me. This was the hottest night of my life and no one even bothered us even when we were screaming like animals!

  3. Areca Lodge joiner fee

    This is impossible to explain my excitement and impressions about Areca lodge hotels without peeing in my pants. There are no words to describe the joy and amusement from the time I spent in my room and around this place. The city center is nearby and you can easily find information about the best spots to find sizzling beauties and bring them to your bed. No one will move a muscle in the hotel room. The staff can ask for guest’s ID and that’s it. It is guest-friendly hotel with the lowest prices and the cheap cafes around.

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