About My Decision and Personal Experience.

Hi, my name is Andy. I have been traveling all around the world for diverse reasons including business and pleasure for so many times. The most complicated and tiresome task for me was to find the best (and sometimes worst) spots to stay, on my own.

There is an infinite number of websites and travel books out there, though an overwhelming majority of them offers the “save money” bet specially created for family travel. What about those millions of single people, not mentioning men who wish they actually were single and behave as if they really were when out of reach of their better half?

What kind of fun and entertainment can a single guy with a spare night or a couple on his hands enjoy in Jakarta? What hotels and accommodations cater to male adventurers in Macau in any way imaginable? Probably, everyone has heard about Pattaya, but how many of you know the peculiarities, such as where to stay, what conditions and prices to expect, and is there any way to avoid the most common scams?

I have devoted a significant time period promoting and advancing other media aimed at distributing my own experience and sharing my knowledge with like-minded males. However, after all, I have finally made up my mind to create my personal website and share my ideas directly. While I am well-known and recognized on the Internet for creating entertaining content, it is rather easy for me to talk about serious stuff when required. The purpose of sabaihotels.com is to provide a reader with the benefit of foresight and an opportunity to plan ahead – the conveniences I never had the moment I first began moving around.

Of course, I will take the advantage of it, when and if readers decide so. I’m thankful for that, though not reliant on it.

The only thing that is for certain – you can always be sure that everything I present at this website is based on firsthand experience and knowledge, and is not a piece of nonsense meant to turn a quick buck or deceive. My constant readers already know that I am a person that can be trusted.

Comments and questions can be left at the very end of entries at this website at any possible and comfortable moment. They will be instantly seen and commonly (just as instantly) answered to. Public posts allow others to benefit. Besides, it decreases the number of times to address repeat questions. Use the form below if you have any questions, concerns or comments that you’d like to keep private.